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  • How do I hold my own Coffee Morning?

    This year we hope that everyone will be able to host their Coffee Morning in person, socially distanced if required. You’ll still be able to host virtually if you wish or if guidelines change. Sign up and we’ll send you your fundraising pack and online Coffee Morning page.

    The official date for the World’s Biggest Coffee Morning is Friday 30 September, but you can host your event whenever suits you best.

    Here is some guidance (PDF) we’ve written based on current government guidelines about how you can hold your Coffee Morning safely and responsibly. We will update this again as guidance changes in the run-up to September.

  • How do I invite people to my Coffee Morning?

    There are many ways to invite your guests, here are a few ideas to get you started:

    1. Send people e-invites using our special online tool.

    2. Design and create bespoke invites on be.Macmillan.

    3. Set up a Facebook event.

    4. Put up our event poster.

    5. Set up a WhatsApp or Facebook group.

    6. Send an email to your colleagues.

    You can share your online Coffee Morning page with your guests at the same time, and watch the donations roll in ahead of your event.

    Please follow all government guidelines on social distancing. Read our guide on how to do this (PDF).

  • How do I attend as a guest?

    If you’re looking for a Coffee Morning to go along to, search our map for events near you.

    If you’ve been invited to go along to a Coffee Morning in person, it’s important to keep up to date with all current social distancing guidelines which may change over time. Please follow all government guidelines to ensure that you and everyone else at the event stays safe.

  • Can I host a Coffee Morning in another country?

    Of course! Sign up and we’ll send you a downloadable Coffee Morning kit over email with a few goodies you can print off. Postal kits can take up to a month to arrive.

  • How can I pay in fundraising for a Coffee Morning held in another country?

    Call 03001 000200 and speak to our payment line, or email,uk to arrange a BACs payment.

  • I want to cancel my Coffee Morning registration

    If you wish to cancel your Coffee Morning registration this year, please send an email to explaining that you would like to cancel, including the address that you registered with.

    If you can’t host a Coffee Morning yourself this year, you can still get involved. Why not attend a public Coffee Morning in your local area, or suggest the idea to your friends?

  • Natasha's Law

    1. Members of the public are not subject to the food standards regulations or Natasha’s law (even if products were to be wrapped in cling film etc).

    2. Where a school or organisation is “hosting” the coffee morning and inviting the public to donate goods, again they would not be subject to this regulation.

    3. If a school or organisation is a registered food business and supplies their own products they would be subject to the regulation (as for any products they produce).

    It is considered best practice to list allergens where possible, but as above not a legal requirement for the public.

    For more information please visit the Food Standards Agency (FSA) website.

  • When do I need to order my Coffee Morning fundraising kit by?

    Once you have signed up to hold a Coffee Morning, we’ll send you your fundraising kit. You can host your event whenever suits you, but it takes 7 – 10 days from registration for your kit to arrive, so make sure you order it in time. Sign up here.

  • Is my fundraising kit recyclable?

    We’ve worked really hard to take extra care of the environment to make sure that our kits are as responsible to the environment as possible. This year we have given you the option to choose our full kit with bunting, balloons and a tablecloth or our lighter kit with less paper and no plastic.

    All our printed paper items are recyclable and the full kit envelope is compostable. Our balloons are 100% biodegradable too.

  • How to order extra items and kits?

    Download fundraising resources for your Coffee Morning to help promote your event and use on the day.

    You can also shop for supplies with our range of special products from the Macmillan online shop.

    If you want to order multiple packs to one address please send an email to who will help you sort it.

  • Where can I find extra fundraising posters?

    You can download these from our website. As well as posters, you can find a range of other downloads, everything from email signatures, to DIY bunting, as well as creating your own personalised designs for the event.

  • What can I get in the shop?

    We have all the essentials to make hosting a piece of cake: a World's Biggest Coffee Morning apron, teapots, mugs, napkins and much more. Check it out for yourself.

  • What is the difference between the full fundraising kit and the lighter pack?

    The full kit is our complete classic pack, including bunting, balloons, a tablecloth, stickers and cake flags.

    Our lighter pack has less paper and no plastic, but still includes a collection box, event posters, recipe ideas, a how-to guide, a fundraising game and a Gift Aid form.

    You can choose which one you’d like to receive when you sign up.

  • How can I raise money at my Coffee Morning?

    Depending on governments' guidelines at the time you host your Coffee Morning, it’s possible that you might be able to host inside, outside or online. You could set out a stall in your front garden and offer take away cakes, host your friends in the garden or office kitchen, or share a cuppa and cake virtually.

    Once you’ve signed up we’ll send you a fundraising kit that includes a game and lots of fundraising ideas too. Inside your pack are QR code stickers that your guests can scan and donate securely online to your Coffee Morning, without having to exchange physical cash.

    Please remember to check your local government guidelines regularly and where any activity involves an exchange of items (including food) should only be done in a way that is safe e.g. only exchange items where they can be collected from an appropriate distance and with hygiene measures in place.

  • I set up a Coffee Morning fundraiser on Facebook but didn’t get my pack?

    If you have also registered for the event on this website, then the usual pack should be on its way to you and will arrive in the summer.

    Macmillan cannot currently import the Facebook donation information into our systems due to data protection policy regulation. We are therefore unable to automatically send Facebook supporters our emails or the pack, however, if you tell us about your fundraising through a Facebook message or by email, we will happily send you your event pack.

  • How do I use my online Coffee Morning page?

    This year you can create your very own Coffee Morning page. Invite your guests via email or share the link to your page across your social media.

    Download our handy guide to using your Coffee Morning page.

    If you can’t find the link to your page, please send an email to who will help you sort it.

  • Not hosting but want to fundraise?

    Why not put up your QR sticker in a communal space or your window to encourage people to donate with their phone and let your friends and family know that you’re still fundraising.

  • Can I add my Coffee Morning to the map?

    You can publish your details on our online Coffee Morning map to make it public. Use the link and fill in all the relevant details, then at the bottom of the page you can tick 'I would like to make it a public event'.

    Make sure the details are correct as you will be unable to edit/change once submitted.

  • Ways to promote your event

    You can download posters and promotional materials to put up at your work, in shops, your community or anywhere else from downloads.

    Check out some hints and tips on How to host.

  • Do I have to pay my money in at a specific bank?

    We ask our supporters to pay their money into a branch of Royal Bank of Scotland, NatWest, Post Office or Ulster Bank. Other banks might charge a processing fee and using them means that we won't be able to trace the payment to you and send you your well-deserved thank you.

  • Other ways to pay in the money I’ve raised?

    You can pay in your Coffee Morning money:

    - online
    - over the phone at 0330 102 7890
    - at the bank using your unique paying-in slip included in your fundraising kit.

  • Where do I send my Gift Aid form and my cheque to?

    Please use the pre-paid for envelope in your fundraising kit to send us your Gift Aid form once it’s filled in with all the details, then make your cheque payable to Macmillan Cancer Support (please do not send cash) to the following address:

    Freepost RTLS-JTZR-RYAZ
    World’s Biggest Coffee Morning
    PO BOX 4240
    RG42 9QL

  • I've lost my unique paying in slip

    Your slip will have a unique number on the bottom which relates to your registration, if you need another one you can order onlineemail or phone us on 0330 102 7810 and we’ll send one out to you.


  • My Coffee Morning page

    Donations received through your Coffee Morning page are automatically sent to us. A transaction fee of 2.5% will be paid to Thyngs, the service provider. PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay etc may also be subject to the charges.

  • Can I ask my guests to donate by text?

    This year we’ll be using the QR codes in your fundraising pack, so your guests can donate directly to you.

    If you’d like to donate by text, you can use the generic donate code found on the money box in your fundraising pack.

  • What is a QR code?

    We want to make donating as accessible and easy as possible so we’re including QR stickers in your pack. A QR code is just like a bar code. Your phone is able to scan this code (using your camera) which takes you to a landing page, meaning you can donate without needing cash.

  • What is Gift Aid?

    Gift Aid is a Government scheme that enables charities to reclaim the Income and/or Capital Gains Tax that supporters have already paid. To allow us to claim this back, you must be a UK taxpayer and have paid sufficient Income and/or Capital Gains Tax to cover the amount of all Gift Aid donations made for that tax year. Donors who have not been charged sufficient tax to cover the Income Tax deducted from their Gift Aid donations are responsible for pay any difference.

    Gift Aid donation, it means we can increase your guests’ donations by 25p for every £1 without costing them another penny!

    Macmillan is able to reclaim tax on voluntary donations made by your guests once they have: made an individual donation, filled in all the spaces on your Gift Aid form, and ticked that all-important Gift Aid box.

    Only personal donations are eligible for Gift Aid. If you’re paying in a collection, if you’ve made a purchase or if you’ve had a chance to win a prize, this amount is not eligible for Gift Aid.

    Please note that Gift Aid does not apply to non-UK taxpayers, Isle of Man and Channel Island residents.

  • Contact us

    If you can't find the answer to your question, give us a ring on 0330 102 7810 or email

  • My company has matched my amount raised?

    Matched funding is where a company offers to give a certain amount of money to your fundraising efforts. This can either ‘match’ the amount that you’re able to raise or a fixed amount agreed up front.

    See our matched giving form.

    There are several benefits for companies, including helping them achieve their Corporate Social Responsibility targets and potentially reducing the amount of corporate tax they pay.

  • How can I let you know that I changed my mind about hearing from Macmillan?

    If you change your mind about hearing from us, you can stop receiving our updates at any time by emailing or calling 0330 102 7866. Please see our privacy policy for more information.

  • Who are the headline partners and official sponsors for Coffee Morning this year?

    We’re proud to have M&S as our headline partner for the 13th year running and delighted that Costa Coffee will be joining them as another headline partner this year to make Coffee Morning even bigger and better for 2022! Since 2010, M&S and Macmillan have raised over £23 million to ensure more people have access to cancer support in their communities. We’re also excited to welcome back our official sponsor Betty Crocker – with their help you too can bake a difference.

  • Together We Stir prize draw terms and conditions

    You can find the terms and conditions for the Together We Stir prize draw here.

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