How to host

Hosting ideas

1. Hold anywhere
Wherever you are, Coffee Morning can be there with you. You can go virtual with a video call, keep it snug with those in your home or wait for a big gathering in person: at the office, at school or in community.

2. It’s not all about the food
Some of our hosts have held bookstalls, a tombola, bingo nights or sold bric-a-brac to raise additional donations at their Macmillan Coffee Mornings.

3. Any party is a good party
Some of our hosts have had garden get-togethers, prosecco parties, as well as the classic morning filled with coffee and cake. However, you want to host, big or small, host it your way.

4. Games galore!
Download some additional games from our website to have a little fun with your guests. Our favorite this year is ‘Dunk the biscuit’! Check out our page with fundraising resources to see more.

5. Get raffle ready
We’ve heard from hosts that local businesses can be supportive when sourcing great prizes for a raffle.

6. Use our fundraising resources
We prepared a bunch of useful (and sometimes personalized) fundraising resources, such as posters, invitations, and decorations for you to use and boost your fundraising

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Host at work

Host at work

1. Bring Coffee Morning to your workplace
You spend so much time at work that it's a perfect place to raise some money for your favourite charity and it's also great fun!

2. Get the team on board
It shouldn’t be too hard to tempt your workmates with a nibble and a natter, but we’ve made it even simpler. Plan the day with our handy tasklist, then send out some invites and hang posters around the office.

3. Get inspired
Aside from the fabulous free kit you receive when you sign up, you can continue to get the team excited with our decorative downloads. Need some recipe inspiration? We’ve got it covered.

4. Bake (or buy!) and donate
Simply ask your workmates to make a donation for the coffee, cakes and bakes, and if you’re feeling competitive set a cake bake off, or buy one get one free.

Workplace fundraising resources

Shop for supplies

shop for supplies

Make hosting your Coffee Morning a breeze with our range of special products from the Macmillan Online Shop.

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Get competitive

Awake competitive spirit in your guests, see who prepares the most beautiful cake or wins the game!

Who will aim the games?

Prepare for the big day

Prepare for the big day

Popular meals always go down a treat, check out some of our delicious recipes you can bake yourself or with friends.

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