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Other ways to donate to Macmillan's Coffee Morning

Pay on the phone

Just give us a call on 0330 102 7890 to pay in using your credit or debit card.

Pay by post

Send a cheque made payable to Macmillan Cancer Support along with your pre-printed paying-in slip to:
World’s Biggest Coffee Morning
PO BOX 4240
RG42 9QL

At a bank

Take your money together with the paying-in slip in your Coffee Morning Kit to any branch of Royal Bank of Scotland, NatWest or Ulster Bank. Other banks might charge a processing fee and using them means that we won't be able to trace your payment.

QR Code

We want to make donating as accessible and easy as possible so we’re including QR stickers in your pack. A QR code is just like a bar code. Your phone is able to scan this code (using your camera) which takes you to a landing page, meaning you can donate without needing cash.

Say thanks to your guests

Say thanks to your guests

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