Send e-invites

Create a personalised e-invite to your guests using our online tool.

You will be able to share your invite via email, WhatsApp or Messenger, and also receive a unique url to use where you like.

Send e-invites

Invite the public to an open event

If you want to host an event which is open to the general public, it needs to appear on our event map.

To do this, simply create an e-invite, and then select the option 'I would like to make it a public event' just before you preview your e-invite.

Create a public event

Customise paper invites and posters

Browse our wonderful invitation templates (and posters and adverts and more) which can be personalised to promote your individual coffee morning.

Visit be.Macmillan

Put up this invite poster

Put up this poster wherever you can to promote your Coffee Morning. It's especially useful if you're hosting an event open to the public, or one in your office or school.

Download our poster

Create a Facebook event

A Facebook event is a fantastic way to invite all your friends to your Coffee Morning at once.

Find out how to create a Facebook event with our easy instructions.

Find out how to create a Facebook event