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I'd like something:

Add a twist to your Coffee Morning! Choose your options and hit the spin button for ideas.

  • Space hopper

    If you're lucky enough to have space to swing a spacehopper, why not indulge a retro craze and have a spacehopper race. And this is one kind of race that all ages can take part in.

  • Come dine with me

    Create your own version of the popular TV show. You and a few friends all host a dinner party. At the end of each evening you all rate the food and the host's performance. Make a donation to take part and make sure the winner receives a prize for being the 'hostess with the mostess.'

  • Treasure hunt

    Shiver me timbers! You can't go wrong with a treasure hunt. All you need to do is devise some cunning clues on how people can get their hands on some booty and away you go.

  • Knitting party

    It's all the rage. Baby clothes, scarves, jumpers - get your friends together and start creating some woollen wonders while you catch up over a chat. Or sell your creations to raise money for Macmillan.

  • Promise Auction

    Persuade friends and colleagues to donate their skills, expertise and services for auction at your coffee morning. Lessons in sport, music, dancing or languages; home-baked cakes and meals; ironing and other household chores. Try persuading local restaurants, theatres and leisure centres to offer meals, tickets and other goodies, or raffle these off.

  • Dance marathon

    It's a case of bop til you drop with this one. Well, not literally, but expect to swing your hips and tap your toes until the early hours.

  • Craft fair

    Organise a craft fair instead of a coffee morning, demonstrating handmade goods: home-baked cakes and pastries, jams, preserves and pickles, basket weaving, knitwear, tie dying and screen printing… to name quite a few.

  • Am-dram night

    Budding thespian? Hold an amateur dramatics night or encourage local dramatics groups and musical societies to perform at your event. You can ask for extra donations for the entertainment.

  • Wine tasting evening

    'A full-bodied, fruity character with an exquisite nose and a crisp finish.' Unleash the wine critic within by holding a wine tasting instead of a traditional coffee morning. You could draft in a local wine expert to help train your taste buds. Ask for a cheeky little donation from the tasters.

  • Derriere derby

    Go back to your childhood and have a musical chairs competition at your coffee morning. All you need are some top tunes and plenty of chairs. What could be simpler than that?

  • Toast the nation

    Have a party where you sample the food, drink and music of another country for an evening. Go French with some vin and fromage. Or maybe Italian with some pizza and pasta. Or if you're feeling really daring, discover the delicacies of a more exotic land. Peruvian cuy, anyone? That's guinea pig to you.

  • Talent competition

    Bring the X Factor to your home, school or workplace. A talent competition at your coffee morning event is sure to please. Everyone's got a party piece they'd love the chance to show off for a good cause. Wannabe Simon Cowells can stand in judgement.

  • Pamper party

    Instead of a traditional coffee morning, host an evening of indulgence for you and your friends. Slap on the facemasks, get the nails painted and enjoy a foot spa. Oh, and don't forget the chocolate!

  • Karaoke night

    Robbie, Tina, Freddie or Jacko? The choice is yours.

  • Card games evening

    Bridge, rummy, whist, pontoon, poker or even snap or Top Trumps. Instead of a coffee morning, a card games night could be a big deal. Pick a card any card... learn a few card tricks and amaze your friends.

  • Golf day

    Swing into action with a golf day or golf competition instead of a coffee morning. Get sponsored by friends or colleagues and donate the money you raise.

  • Spelling bee

    Great if you're holding your event at a school! All you need is a dictionary. Or why not test the spelling skills of your colleagues at the office?

  • Tug of war

    If you're having a coffee morning event outdoors, why not create a little friendly competition with a tug of war? Old vs young. Women vs men. Dunkers vs non-dunkers. Marmite loves vs Marmite haters. Whatever the division, a game of tug of war will decide who is best. Fact.

  • Plant sale

    Blooming marvellous. Hold a plant or flower sale at your coffee morning event to raise a little extra money.

  • Darts competition

    Game on! Step up to the oche and hit those bullseyes and treble tops with a darts competition instead of a coffee morning. A game of arrows is popular with all ages.

  • Pool tournament

    Take your coffee morning down the local pool hall. Players pay to enter and Macmillan takes all!

  • Have a ball

    You shall go to the ball; especially if you organise it yourself. Get out your glad rags. Dust off your top hat and tails. Pumpkins and glass slippers optional.

  • Quiz night

    Question: What would be a great way to get a large number of friends to have fun and raise money for Macmillan? Answer: a quiz night. A brilliant alternative to a traditional coffee morning - either at your place or go down to the local pub.

  • Barn dance

    'Take your partner by the hand...' Instead of a coffee morning why not don your neckties and cowboy hats and swing your pants to some good old country music. A glass or two of cider helps to get everyone tapping their toes and clicking their spurs.

  • Wacky races

    Ducks - real or plastic. Snails - don't make the course too long. Sheep - ewe better keep an eye on them. Toy cars - feel the need for speed on the Scalextric track. Babies - be warned, losers do throw their toys out of their pram. Just ask for a donation to take part at your coffee morning.

  • Caption competition

    Choose a funny photo from your last holiday or office party and hold a caption competition at your coffee morning. Entrants pay per caption and the winner receives the framed photo to display on their desk or noticeboard. If it's an embarassing photo, people might pay you not to display it!

  • Face painting

    Are you a tiger or a pussycat? Bring out the animal in you. Perfect for a school or local community coffee morning where the kids will be coming along.

  • Quote quiz

    Collect as many quotes from movies or song lyrics you can and test the trivia knowledge of guests at your coffee morning. Charge entry to the quiz, with a prize for the winner.

  • Who's the baby competition

    Put up baby pics of you and your friends, family or colleagues and guess who's who. You may be surprised! Charge entrants a donation to take part and the person who gets the most guesses right wins.

  • Battle of the biceps

    Put brute force to the test at your coffee morning and pit your strength and skill in an arm wrestling competition. Keep those elbows on the table.

  • Cracker race

    How many dry cream crackers can you eat in a minute? All you need are cream crackers, a glass of water for when you finish and a brush to sweep up the crumbs.

  • Book sale

    Have your colleagues, friends or family contribute their old paperbacks and hold a book sale at your coffee morning. Who knew all those old holiday page turners and unread classics gathering dust on your shelves could turn into cold hard cash?

  • Raffles

    It's all about the prizes when it comes to creating interest in a raffle at your coffee morning. So have a think about what would get people as excited as a teenage girl at a boy band concert if they won it.

  • Have a picnic

    Make the most of summer and grab the picnic blanket, a basket of goodies, paper plates and goodies. Just hope that the ants don't show up.

  • Fire up the barbie

    Hold a barbecue instead of a coffee morning. Invite family and friends, get some burgers, buns, sausages and sauces. Grab a few beers and soft drinks and ask for a tasty donation for the gorgeous grub.

  • Dress down day

    People will pay top dollar not to have to wear their usual work clothes or uniform. They'll probably pay even more if they can wear the top of their favourite sports team or some kind of fancy dress.

  • Office Olympics

    Add a little excitement to your workplace coffee morning. Try your hand at speed typing, synchronised chair swivelling or fast letter franking. Who will be your Office Olympics Champion?

  • Sweepstake

    Hands up who hasn't taken part in a Grand National sweepstake? Ah, the sheer excitement of randomly picking the name of a horse and then willing it on to victory - hopefully. Hold a sweepstake in advance and announce the winner at your coffee morning.

  • Bingo night

    Eyes down! Have a bingo night instead of a coffee morning. With over three million people regularly playing bingo in the UK, you're bound to get a full house. Kelly's eye, knock at the door, lucky seven, legs eleven. Bring back the old bingo lingo.

  • Fancy dress

    Come up with a fancy dress theme for your coffee morning event. Celebrities, heroes and heroines, country and western. Fancy dress is a long-standing favourite and the ideas for themes, and the fun you can have when dressed-up, are endless.

  • Bad taste day

    There's no accounting for taste. Or is there? A variation on fancy dress, get everyone to come to your coffee morning in their worst tie, bad hair do or most garish clothes. And those that refuse pay a fine.

  • Guess the weight of...

    ...colleagues' newborn babies, the huge cake at your coffee morning, a giant jar of jelly beans... anything and everything you can think of that will fit on a set of scales. Ask people at your coffee morning to pay per guess.

  • Do the iPod shuffle

    At your coffee morning, hook up an iPod to some speakers and get people to pay for the privilege of playing tunes from either your or their iPod. Three tunes for £1. Instant jukebox.

  • Guess how many...can go in a...competition

    Sweets in a jar is an old favourite, but let's get creative. How about.. footballs in a car, baked beans in a bucket, pound coins in a sock, Scotch eggs in a goldfish bowl? Ask guests to make a donation for each guess.

  • Pupils vs. teachers

    Pit pupils' wits against their teachers with a quiz at your school's coffee morning. Or how about a School Idol competition or pupils versus teachers football match? A little friendly rivalry will entertain your guests and raise even more money.