After some hard work here at Macmillan, we've managed to identify the nine key behavioural trends of UK coffee drinkers.

There's sure to be one of these Coffee Break Characters in every office and at every Coffee Morning! Whether you're a Choosy Customer or a Mug Monster, you can download name tags for you and all your guests below.

Be sure to let us know on social media which Coffee Break Character you are! Post a picture of you wearing your name tag on Twitter or Instagram with the phrase 'My @macmillancancer Coffee Break Character for #CoffeeMorning is ...' and tag your friends to challenge them to do the same!.

The Easily Pleased

The Easily Pleased openly admits that they will drink anything remotely resembling their drink of choice. Caffeinated, decaf, instant, freshly ground – this Coffee Break Character is always happy.

A friend for life, the Easily Pleased is simply grateful to have been asked in the first place and makes for a quick round. They are, however, highly unlikely to ever skip one…


The Choosy Customer

Causing the generous souls who offer to make a round wish they hadn’t, the Choosy Customer can challenge even the most experienced of baristas.

Unclear whether they have forgotten they are at work, or have simply come to expect the exceptional standards of their local artisan café, the Choosy Customer knows exactly how they want their hot beverage and is vocal when they have to settle for anything less.

Caution must be taken - this choosiness can be contagious.


The Caffeine Crony

Related to (but not to be confused with) The Choosy Customer, the Caffeine Crony doesn’t necessarily even bother with milk these days, but instead assesses quality purely on strength and / or thickness.

When making a round for the Caffeine Crony it may initially feel unnatural that someone would drink such a treacle-like substance, but it always becomes apparent that they’ve had stronger.


The Food Hoover

The Food Hoover is both a blessing and a curse. On the positive side, nothing ever goes to waste. This is particularly useful for dieters with dwindling willpower (see The Deviating Dieter) as nothing is left hanging around for long.

But it is advisable to make haste when food is unveiled, as the Food Hoover has been known to consume everything edible in sight before some even get a look in.

Try serving fruit instead.


The Deviating Dieter

With a variety of motivations, the Deviating Dieter ranges from those who opt for a small portion to those who opt out altogether. The physical embodiment of a battle between willpower and temptation, the final decision will ultimately come down to the quality and rarity of the food on offer.

A friend of The Food Hoover, but cautious of The Oh Go On-er. The Deviating Dieter can be easily led, but ultimately regrets this happening - so beware.


The ‘Oh-Go-On’-er

While the actions of this Coffee Break Character come from a kind place – and no workplace coffee break can function without one – the ‘Oh Go On’-er is a threat to some.

They have the power to convince even those with the strongest willpower to give in to their cravings and have a slice of cake, which is particularly problematic for The Deviating Dieter.

To overcome the power of the ‘Oh Go On’-er when cake is in the midst, the only option is to run for the hills…


The Secret Snaffler

Potentially a rare form of Deviating Dieter, there is little documented evidence of Secret Snafflers due to their elusive nature. Could even be the by-product of a particularly prolific Food Hoover.

Food items going missing with no obvious culprit is a tell-tale sign that a Secret Snaffler may be present.


The Tea-Round Dodger

Ranging from a whispered “does anyone want a drink?” that no one can hear, to only visiting the kitchen on the way back from a meeting, each Tea-round Dodger has a unique modus operandi – and the sooner identified the better.

While they’re always up for a cuppa when someone else is doing the brewing, a Tea-round Dodger making drinks for anyone other than themselves is a rare – and truly joyous – sight to behold.


The Mug Monster

Relatively easy to spot, the Mug Monster keeps their favourite mug under close watch at all times. If forced, the Mug Monster may even leave said mug unwashed, sometimes for days, to avoid the worst possible eventuality - a ‘mugnapping’.

Living life on the edge is one thing, but avoid any sort of contact with THE mug at all costs.