Coffee Morning


Have a cup of coffee/ cake with me and let's help people with Macmillan charity!


Christina Hristova


2:30PM - 4:30PM on 28 September 2018


Ilford War Memorial Gardens
16 Royal Crescent

Other info

Dear neighbours, passengers, friends,
let's make a change for those fighting bravely with cancer by having a cup of coffee/tea together at our Memorial Park in Ilford. At the park you will be welcomed in an unpretentious, but creative and friendly atmosphere by me and my mother. We will just get to know each other, brag about the weather or whatever that interests you and contribute to this great charity at the same time. Nobody of us knows what may happen tomorrow, how much time do we have ahead of us, so why not do good, be kind and supportive to each other? After all, we belong to one huge family that is not divided by religion or colour- the Human Family. Let's be humans and vibrate with the frequency of love, that way we will give our lives more sense. You're welcome to bring a cake or something yummy to share (homemade or bought)!

What is Coffee Morning?

If you can't come but would still like to give a donation to Macmillan just text CUPCAKE to 70550 (one text=£5), go to or phone 0845 074 2606.

Texts cost £5 plus network charge. Macmillan will receive 100% of every £1 donated in this way. Obtain bill payer's permission. Text STOP to 70550 to opt out from future communications from us.