Coffee Morning


Emily's coffee morning :)


Emily Evans


10:00AM on 30 July 2017


108 Blakemore

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On Saturday 30th July @ 10am i am hosting a macmillan coffee morning. You may all know why i am doing this for those who dont heres my family story.

In 2010 my dad was diagnosed with throat and tonsil cancer he fought so hard agaisnt this eveil disease.. we had the all clear and it came back and came back hard... i spread to his lymth glands :( we were told he wasnt going to survive it :( he was give 9-12months. The 9th month came along after 2 years of fighring and sadly my dad passed away om the 21st june 2012.

Shortly after my dad passing my mom was diagnosed with bowel cancer. At one point she was in agony and we was told she was days from death. She underwent an emergency ileostomy amd had cause of chemo.. we were told she wad clear... shortly after that my mom had problems and we were told the cancer was back :( she had further surgery to remover her rectum and had a barbie butt(hehe sorry mom) again all clear :( then mom had a ct scan 2 years on the ct revealed she had swelling in her pelvis and had a tuma the size of a golf ball ij her kidney ;( her kidneys needed stents :(.. the cancer is back. As all thought its secondry bowel cancer :( my mom is a tough cookie and is fighting this disease. I wont continue to say what we know but my mom is a fighter and will always fight...

The 2 people are my insperation and are /was so strong...

Im doing this coffee morning in memory of my dad but also for my mother.

Please can you all come and join us and raise money for macmillan.. its my turn to give back... please share.

What is Coffee Morning?

If you can't come but would still like to give a donation to Macmillan just text CUPCAKE to 70550 (one text=£5), go to or phone 0845 074 2606.

Texts cost £5 plus network charge. Macmillan will receive 100% of every £1 donated in this way. Obtain bill payer's permission. Text STOP to 70550 to opt out from future communications from us.