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Five secrets for coffee morning success

Friend's enjoying a coffee morning  

Invite everyone

Send out our lovely e-invites| to get the word out, and post your coffee morning on our online map| for the public to find if it’s a come one, come all type event.

Cake and Macmillan collection box 

Ask for money

It's simple: a donation| for coffee and cake. You also have a Sweepstake game in your Coffee Morning Kit to add extra umph to your total. And don’t forget to Gift Aid| to get 25% extra.


Make it look lovely

In addition to your lovely Coffee Morning Kit, download some signs to direct your guests or have a creative moment and download our gorgeous bunting|. For other extras, visit our Coffee Shop|.   


Get baking

Everyone knows coffee morning is just as much about the goodies on offer as the coffee. Check out our fabulous array of yummy recipes|, endorsed by celebrities and baking bloggers alike.

Get some inspiration

Head to our Facebook|, Twitter| or Online Community Group| to join our community of coffee morning aficionados and join the conversation!

Get creative and make your own...


World’s Biggest Coffee Morning is an opportunity to take some time out with friends and family for what is a truly pleasurable event. It’s a great feeling on the day to know that across the country, people are coming together over a cup of coffee. With millions of people taking part, you really feel part of something exciting. bgblockquoteend
Kath Donnelly, Head Coffee Lady

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