Make it crafty

If crafts are your thing, then why not bring a bit into your coffee morning?

Here we have some creative ideas and activities that could help provide the perfect finishing touches to your coffee morning.

Dust it, sugar|

Sugar dusters|

Our Macmillan sugar dusters| could be used for your cakes, your coffee or even glitter for your invitations. Either cut and use the shapes as a stencil or sprinkle around the outside for a halo effect. 



Extra-special invites|Cake invite pattern|

Want to bring a personal touch to your invites? Create your own hand written invitations using some exclusive patterned paper| courtesy of PaperCraft Inspirations|.



Hang the bunting| 

Download our gorgeous bunting|, complete with super-easy pattern and instructions. Got fabric scraps? You can even make your own.

Have your friends in stitches|

Knitting woolTry your hand at some knitting with our fantastic scarf patterns. Knitting is a great way to relax with friends at your coffee morning and if it’s new to you then worry not – we’ve provided some guidelines for all you beginners.|