The people you help

Your fundraising will make a vital difference to the two million people living with cancer in the UK today. People like Kate, Claire and Tom.

Kate from Warwickshire

Kate from WarwickshireWhen Kate was diagnosed with cervical cancer, she had a million and one questions. Thankfully her Macmillan nurse Vikki was there to answer them.

Vikki stopped me from spiralling into despair. She caught me before I got there.’ And Vikki was still there for Kate throughout her treatment, every step of the way.

‘I felt like she was always on my side, fighting her best – even when I was told the cancer was incurable. She’s a little angel really.’

Now Kate’s trying to stay positive and enjoy the time left with her family. In fact, she says she’s happier than ever. And that’s got a lot to do with Vikki. ‘I felt like Vikki was a friend rather than a nurse. I couldn’t have got through it without her.’

Claire from West Lothian

Claire McFarlane'Macmillan has done a lot for my family. A Macmillan nurse was there for my mum when she was ill.'

'I know my mum could always talk to her even when she felt she couldn’t speak to the family about how she was feeling.'

'Since being diagnosed I’ve had my own Macmillan nurse who has been great. She is extremely knowledgeable and is always there to answer my questions. I want to raise money so Macmillan can help other people like it helped us.'


Tom from Kent

 'I was just 22 when I was told I had cancer. The world stopped when they broke the news.' 

'My mum and I were in shock and we both wept together but the Macmillan nurse| gave us comfort, she explained that it was treatable and calmed our fears.

'She was there for me all through the treatment, answered all my questions, and even helped me get a disabled parking badge.'