Claire and Linda's story

The special thing about World’s Biggest Coffee Morning is that each host has a unique reason for holding their event.

For some it’s an excuse to get together and catch up with old friends, for others a way of saying thank you for Macmillan support currently being offered. Others choose to hold their Coffee Morning in memory of a loved one and use the occasion to commemorate their life. One such person is Claire from Dundee who held her coffee morning last year in memory of her twin sister Linda.

Claire tells us her story...

'Linda’s ambition since she was 13 years old was to be a pharmacist and after making the grades at school, she studied pharmacy at The University of Strathclyde in Glasgow, where she graduated in 2003.  She devoted her working life to caring for other’s health.'

'Aged 29 Linda developed bowel cancer. She passed away in July 2011 after a brave but short-lived 4 month battle. The Macmillan nurses were an amazing help and support during the last months of Linda’s life and this inspired our family to raise funds for the charity with our World’s Biggest Coffee Morning.'
'We held the coffee morning on 17th September in Dundee.  This date was special, as it would have been Linda and her husband Darren’s first wedding anniversary, so it was great to organise something fun in memory of her and the happiest day of their lives the previous year.  Linda loved baking since she was a little girl and more recently, regularly met and socialised with family and friends at cafes and with colleagues in the hospital canteen for coffee, tea and cake.'  

'Linda would have loved the vibrant atmosphere of our coffee morning, where family and friends baked home-made cakes and volunteers served tea and coffee. She was also a waitress for 2 years at the end of school, so had high standards of customer service. Our coffee morning would have definitely met Linda’s level of perfection.'  

'After invitations went out, over 150 people attended on the day within the space of 2 hours. There were even queues out the door.  We were absolutely thrilled to make £1500 for Macmillan from the event.'

'This year I’m hoping to organise another Coffee Morning for Macmillan again, it was so much fun last year and so rewarding.'

A huge thank you from Macmillan to Claire for sharing her family’s story with us.

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 Linda’s twin Claire, her mum and other helpers from their coffee morning