Can you help us?

We’ve got a bit of a favour to ask here at Coffee Morning HQ. You see, last year World’s Biggest Coffee Morning was a big success. We had over 50,000 people sign up to host an event and together we raised over £10 million to help people affected by cancer. This was a record for us and we were pretty chuffed. But with more people than ever needing our services, we’re not resting on our laurels. This year we want to do even better. And we’re going to need your help.

Send us your stories

If you’ve already signed up to hold a World’s Biggest Coffee Morning, we can’t thank you enough. We couldn’t provide our services without fundraisers like you. However in 2012 we want to get even more people involved and excited about the event than ever. To do so, we’d really like to share your stories with the people we’re reaching out to. Do you think your coffee morning story could inspire others to get involved? Maybe you have a special reason behind your event that you’d like to share. Perhaps you’re having a truly unique event – previously we’ve had coffee mornings underwater, on mountains and even one in a jet fighter. Have you got anything planned that makes your event a ‘one off’? Is it the size of your event or the venue you’re using that makes your event stand out?

Get in touch

If you’d like to share your plans or story with us, we’d be delighted to hear from you. Just drop us a line at| and tell us all about it. We’d be happy to answer any of your questions too.

We’ll look forward to hearing from you.